Loreti files Symmes-related meeting-law complaint with AG

Chris Loreti, former Redevelopment Board member

Former Redevelopment Board member Chris Loreti has formally asked the state attorney general's office to investigate his complaint alleging the town manager and selectmen violated the Open Meeting Law last July after the board voted to favor a developer for Symmes, an action based in part on a memo the manager prepared for the board.

Loreti asks for the entire memo, including disclosure of the equity partner for developer Upton, which is blacked out in the version provided to the press and published by YourArlington.

Loreti originally filed his complaint with the selectmen July 20, but writes that the selectmen's Aug. 23 response to that complaint is unsatisfactory because:

-- It does not address that fact that neither the selectmen nor the town manager responded to his request for the memo within the 10-day limit to answer such a request;

-- It misrepresents how the memo was used at the July 5 meeting; and

-- It offers no remedial action.

At issue in the complaint is the meaning under the meeting law of the word "use." Loreti's complaint argues that selectmen used Town Manager Brian Sullivan's July 1 memo at the board's July 5 meeting. The selectmen have argued that they did not use it, writing that thus it can be withheld from disclosure based on one of the exemptions in the Public Records Law. Loreti claims this exemption does not apply.

Note that the complaint refers to a number of attachments that are not online.

This story was first published at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, and updated later in the day.