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A new Hurd lays out his selectman priorities

QUERIES FOR HOPEFULS: What basic challenges does Arlington face? How would you address each? Potential candidates for majors offices in the April Town Election answer.

Aims: All schools, stable finances, defending Mugar site

John V. HurdHurd
cites 'detrimental effects' at Mugar.

Pulling papers in December and kicking off his campaign Feb. 9, John V. Hurd eagerly seeks election to the Board of Selectmen.

Name recognition is no issue: The Hurd name is long known in town. Most recently, his dad, Jack, served as a selectman.

The attorney, who is running on his own, responded to the question asked of all candidates for key offices here What are the three most basic challenges Arlington faces? Here is his list:

a.) Updating all schools, but specifically Arlington High School, to provide a safe, modernized and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers;

b.) Maintaining the financial stability that the town has achieved over the past decade while sustaining the current town services; and

c.) Preventing the detrimental effects that would result from the development of the Mugar property in East Arlington.

Asked how, as a selectman, he would address each challenges, he wrote:

Focues on collaboration

"a.) The renovation or replacement of Arlington High School will be a collaborative effort among town officials, school administrators, students and town residents. As a selectman, I will seek to include as many residents as possible in the discussion about the new building, listen to all ideas and goals for the new building and advocate for the idea of citizens in the decision process. I will work to ensure that the new building creates the ideal learning environment for Arlington students, and work with state officials to maximize the state reimbursement to relieve as much of the financial burden on residents as possible.

"b.) One of the defining characteristics of the Town of Arlington over the past few years has been an extended period of financial stability, not achieved before in town. As a selectman, I will support policies that continue this period of financial stability in order to maintain the excellent school system and town services that Arlington offers now.

"c.) Growing up in East Arlington, I am familiar with the topography of the Mugar property and the challenges to developing the site. The current proposed development would be extremely detrimental to the surrounding neighborhoods and would create unnecessary congestion in nearby roadways. As a selectman, I would join current members of the board and town officials in using all available legal remedies to preserve the town's right to prevent a development that would have such adverse effects to the town.

"Then, if successful, I would work with town officials and the Mugar family to find a permanent use for the property that serves the interest of Arlington residents."

What about expertise?

Asked what expertise he offers showing how he would address these issues, he wrote:

"I am a lifelong Arlington resident, and I now live in town with my wife and two boys, who will attend Arlington public schools. Professionally, I operate a law office practicing real estate and zoning law in Arlington.

"In government, I served two years on Town Meeting, and I served on two advisory committees to the Board of Selectmen, the Transportation Advisory Committee and the Parking Implementation Governance Committee.

"Taken together, my knowledge of the town, professional expertise and strong vested interest in the community, both currently and well into the future, allow me to represent the interests of all Arlington residents to ensure town services continue to meet the high bar expected by residents and to raise that bar in the future."


As for his further background and why he wants to run, he cited his family, home ownership and that he is a local business owner.

"I have a strong interest in the town, and I am running for selectman to be an integral part of the decisions on the important town issues facing our elected officials," he wrote. "Serving as a selectman will be a rewarding experience for me, my family and town residents, as I believe that I can bring a new perspective to the board during this critical time."

He attended the Hardy School, the Ottoson Middle School and graduated from Arlington Catholic High School. he holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Tufts University and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School.

Two seats for the Board of Selectmen are open on the ballot for the April election. Besides Hurd, A. Michael Ruderman seeks election. Current interim member Clarissa Rowe will finish her term. Joseph A. Curro Jr. is running for reelection. 

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Dec. 20, 2017: Attorney pulls papers for selectman seat

2018 Annual Town Election link

This news summary was published Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018.

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