CPA, 61, seeks seat on Board of Assessors

Philip P. LohnesLohnes / Mira Whiting Photography

Phillip P. Lohnes, a certified public accountant, is among three candidates seeking a seat on the Board of Assessors.

He works as the senior director of finance and HR for Nantero Inc., in Woburn, a company using carbon nanotubes on silicon to make a new and very energy-efficient computer memory. In addition, he is a partner in Financial Framework, LLP, an accounting and tax practice in Arlington.

In his first run for a primary town office, the 61-year-old faces Kevin Feeley, a longtime member of the board, and Guillermo S. Hamlin, a newcomer.

Here is a brief biographical statement provided by the Lohnes campaign.

'Objectivity, clarity'

“The Board of Assessors deals with complex data sets, regulations and formulas," he wrote in the statement. "It directs and oversees the work of a professional staff, and it gives the public guidance and information on a range of property tax issues. It determines the true and fair value of our greatest assets -- our homes -- so that our property tax bills are accurate and equitable.

“In my work, both as a CPA and as a corporate director of finance, I bring objectivity and clarity to numbers. I’m running for a seat on the Board of Assessors to offer the voters my management experience, my technical skills, my fiduciary responsibility and the clarity of my communication."

After graduating from Bentley College in 1981, Lohnes co-founded a company to provide data management and analysis software, Applied Information Retrieval Systems (AIRS).

“Our first and primary client was a real estate appraiser," he wrote. "... the job was an education about what assessors need to know, how to determine comparability and ultimately set a value. This is precisely the kind of understanding, from my 40 years’ experience, which the citizens of Arlington deserve in the setting of our property tax rate.”

Hand in hand with the fiduciary responsibility of getting that analysis right, Lohnes says, is transparency.

“If the Assessors can't explain what they do and how they arrive at their decisions, taxpayers won’t have confidence in the process," he wrote. "My experience in conveying the facts and the interpretation of a financial statement, and especially the complexity of the tax code, has prepared me to bring clarity to the process of property assessment."

2021 town election information

This news announcement was published Monday, March 8, 2021. 

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