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Continues to implement long-term plan to replenish street tree canopy

As this year’s fall street tree-planting closes, town public works has provided an update about the tree-management plan.

One primary goal is to replenish the street tree canopy back to 1980 levels. That requires an increase of 2,000 public street trees to its 2018 inventory.

A 20-year timeline has been set to reach this goal, which is a net gain of 100 new street trees per year. In the last three years, the town exceeded this commitment, with a net gain of 457 new street trees planted, the town said in a Dec. 14 news release.

“The DPW Tree Division put in extra effort this year and planted over 400 trees to catch up from loss of tree-planting opportunities due to the pandemic,” said Michael Rademacher, director of public works. “In addition to the efforts put forth by tree crews, we saw a decrease in tree removals, which puts us a little ahead in replenishing the street tree canopy. However it may also be in part due to the crews focus on additional tree planting.” 

Since 2019, the tree division has planted 955 trees and removed  495 trees. 

"We are pleased with the progress to plant more street trees,” said Tim Lecuivre, Arlington’s tree warden. “Every year is different, but the Tree Division remains committed to increasing the Town’s street tree canopy for the benefit of all.” 

Tree Planting and Removal 2019-2021 a net gain of 457 in this time frame.

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This news summary was published Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021.