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UPDATED May 18: Despite gray skies, rain held off, and the third annual Spring Fling Festival was held from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 18.

The Arlington Heights Community Association had announced that residents could enjoy an afternoon of free activities, including live music, art, poetry and games for children, and also view more than 50 painted storefront windows. The festivities took place in the Heights business district along Mass. Ave. from the bus depot to D'Agostino's Deli's parking lot. Festival hosts included the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture, ArtsArlington, ArtLinks and Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

“Arlington is such a vibrant town and increasingly recognized for its arts, culture and environmental activism,” the festival's organizer, Janet O’Riordan, wrote in a press release. “People in the Heights have been clamoring for more events, and we are delighted to respond with our third spring festival to showcase the wonderful talent and energy in our community.”

Live music was provided both indoors and outdoors, featuring a variety of performances in the genres of R&B, folk, pop and jazz, plus a featured performance from a Japanese Taiko drummer.

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The festival ran along Mass. Ave. from the Bus Depot, 1389 Mass. Ave., to D’Agostino’s parking lot, 1297 Mass. Ave. and the block up Park Avenue to ACMi, 85 Park. Ave. and o Park Avenue Congregational Church, 50 Paul Revere Road. 

According to the news release, the creators of this festival introduced the theme of sustainability and environmental stewardship two years ago in honor of the spring season and Arlington's community groups.

“The response has been great, so you can learn about composting, renewable energy, reducing plastic, planting native and much more while exploring the arts and meeting your neighbors,” the festival's collaborator, Cecily Miller with ArtsArlington, said in the release.

Taking part were more than two dozen community groups and businesses devoted to promoting sustainbility, including Full Circle Composting, Electrify Arlington, Mystic Charles Pollinator Pathways Group and Mothers Out Front. These groups are expected to have informational tables offering advice for residents about promoting a healthy environment.

May 22, 2023: 2nd annual Spring Fling hits Heights

This news announcement was published Wednesday, May 1, 2024, based on information from Janet O'Riordan, who provides publicity for the AHCA, Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. It was updated May 14 with specific details about the festival's location. It was updated May 18, to indicate that the event took place.