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War: What is it good for?

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The following letter from Paul Goldberg of Arlington was first published in The New York Times on June 10 and is republished with the author's permission. The letter refers to the May 26 guest essay by Phil Klay headlined “How Should We Honor the Dead of Our Failed Wars?

Mr. Klay’s moving piece, with its focus on Iraq and Afghanistan, stirred up my always close-to-the-surface emotions about my generation’s catastrophic war, Vietnam.

While I was a young adult in the 1960s, the horror and moral bankruptcy of Vietnam, brought home graphically by daily TV video and news, were magnified by my own fears that I would be drafted and dragged into the killing. Turning thoughts of the war over in my mind, talking to friends and family and reading about nonviolent social movements led me to become a conscientious objector.

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Keep housing-transfer fee, Senate urged

Stan Wolf, who wrote this letter, is an Arlington resident of nearly 40 years with a background in basic science research and science education. He is also an active member of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) and an active participant in efforts in Arlington to promote affordable housing in our community.letters logo

The affordable-housing crisis is causing harm across our Commonwealth, and Arlington is not exempt. Housing and apartment rental prices strain our budgets, our young people are forced to take their talents far from home and local workers face long daily commutes that weaken their connections to our town.

Gov. Healey included a powerful tool, the real-estate transfer fee for local communities, in the Affordable Homes Act that she submitted to the Legislature (H.4138; see this link for the status of the bill and its text). It empowers any municipality in the Commonwealth that so choses to develop its own transfer-fee plan that would include a 0.05- to 2-percent fee on the value of the real-estate sale more than $1 million. Thus, for a home that sold for $1.2 million, the fee would apply to only the last $200,000. 

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