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Why we did the opioid series -- and why we want your thoughts

Brynn O'Connor

Brynn O'Connor, assistant to YourArlington's editor, explains how our four-part series about Arlington's response to the opioid crisis came to be – and states that we seek your feedback. She graduated in May 2023 with a bachelor's degree in journalism from Emerson College. She joined YourArlington the next month and handles a wide variety of responsibilities in writing, editing, photography and layout. 

Roughly a year ago, YourArlington began working on a routine story about a newly hired Town of Arlington employee: Anna Martin, who served as prevention services manager for the Department of Health and Human Services from May 2023 through June 28, 2024.  

In June 2023, YA founder Bob Sprague learned that the Massachusetts Department of Health had just released a report estimating the total amount of opioid-related overdoses in the state. The data displayed an evident increase in fatalities, especially over the past four years. 

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