YourArlington, publishing news and opinion about the town since 2006, has registered a new record for traffic.

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In August, 90,595 unique visitors came to the site, as recorded by the server logs at SiteGround, YourArlington's web host.

That is, by far, the site's highest number ever, and it occurred in what is usually a down month for traffic.

That is a testimony to local ownership -- the publisher has lived in town since 1989 -- and to reporting focused on the town.

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The publisher reports this record, and these numbers, to show how the public supports the site by reading its news and opinions.

Misconception, contribute

This record also offers a chance for the publisher to clear up a misconception: Every time someone clicks on a link to a news summary or an opinion piece, no dollars jingle into the publisher's pocket. Indeed, the publisher has taken no salary since the site began. All dollars have been used to support site growth. Since 2014, that includes paying writers.

As YourArlington moves ahead, the publisher also wants to ask for your help.

Arlington has innumerable stories waiting to be reported and viewpoints to express. I can't publish them without your help.

If you would like to see local news thrive here, you can make a direct contribution to the site.

One resident makes a contribution recurring monthly.

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This viewpoint was published Sept. 1, 2021, and updated Dec. 7.