Jeremy Gregory of Arlington and the A-Pool Committee would like to see a public indoor swimming pool included in the Arlington High rebuilding project. If you agree, find out how you can help.

No one knows what an indoor pool at a new AHS might look like, but those who would like to see one can dream, right? The image here is merely one of many possibilities.

Those who signed up for the A-Pool mailing list on Town Day, Sept. 16, received the following appeal:

We are trying to have a community pool included in the Arlington High School building renovation. The AHS building committee recently began the process of conducting a feasibility study for the project. The initial objective is to make sure that a pool is included in the feasibility study.

You can help by:

* Signing the group's petition.

* Sharing the link to the petition with others via email, social media, etc.

Contacting the AHS building committee and let them know that you would like a pool included in the feasibility study.

The group has additional information about its effort on our web site, including a series of FAQs -- here >>

If you help the group spread the word about this effort, it will help them make its dream of a new pool in Arlington a reality.

If you have any questions, reach out to Gregory and the committee here >> 

A-Pool's address is 21 Park Circle, Arlington, MA 02476

FYI: Residents sought a pool at AHS in 1975 as part of a school expansion, but voters turned it down.

This appeal was published Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017.

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