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Resident cites many reason to back Mike

The following letter was written by Dirck Stryker of Bartlett Avenue:

A. Michael Ruderman

There are many reasons to vote for Mike Ruderman as Selectman on April 7. He has vast qualifications and experience, which are laid out in detail on his web page. But here are a few examples, which after 17 years of participating in Town Meeting, and serving in other government and volunteer capacities, help to differentiate him from the other candidates.

As a member of the AHS Educational Visioning Committee, he is strongly committed to offering quality education to everyone. This is manifest in his commitment to building a new Arlington High School (AHS) that will allow its student’s to fully benefit from the latest advances in educational methods and technology at the very best price. It is also demonstrated by his success in leading the Minuteman High School component of the 2016 Build Arlington's Future debt-exclusion campaign, thus paving the way for students to add vital hands-on skills to their academic achievements.

As Town Meeting Member, Mike has spent the past three years working on how to implement the town’s Master Plan in order to consolidate our 1975 zoning bylaw and its 42 years of amendments into one concise document. This has allowed him to make full use of his expertise acquired from 34 years of working in real estate analysis focused on problems of eminent domain and municipal land regulation.

He is author and sponsor of numerous warrant articles, including last year's requirement to obtain professional appraisals of town-owned properties before selling them. As the only candidate who lives at the juncture of single-family, multi-family and commercial properties, he is daily witness to the need for balancing competing interests.

Mike is totally aware of the need to balance the budget, but not just between revenue and expenditures. He also knows how to present the public with the choices to be made, to listen to their opinions, and to clearly communicate the reasons for hard decisions. This requires experienced leadership and the patience to work from first details to broad agreement. But as Mike has said, “Good government starts locally.”

Mike believes in town government, in the need for checks and balances. This is why he supports electing local officials such as Treasurer rather than appointing them to serve under the town manager and Board of Selectmen. And this is why he is running as our “Arlington for Everyone” selectman.

This letter was published Friday, April 6, 2018.

Resident supports Ruderman, Curro

The following letter was sent by Wynelle Evans of Arlington:

Arlington is facing several huge challenges, all of which will have permanent effects on our town. They include the rebuild of our High School, estimated to be in the area of a $200 million-plus expenditure; the ongoing battle over the Mugar property; and the pressures of development on a built-out community in need of increased revenues. Our town leaders must be able to address these complex issues from multiple viewpoints, and with deep experience already in place.

With this in mind, I am endorsing Joe Curro and Mike Ruderman for the two open seats on the Board of Selectmen. Joe’s work is well known; some of you may be less familiar with what Mike has done for our town. 

Mike served on the Thompson School and Minuteman High School rebuild committees, and helped pass the debt exclusion for Minuteman. He is also a member of the Education Visioning Committee for the high school rebuild, and has on-the-ground experience in the schools as a former teacher, and as a parent of an Arlington schools' student. 

Mike has also served as a Town Meeting member for over 17 years, and it was in this capacity that I met him. As a member of the citizens’ group that is working to support the zoning recodification now underway, I came to know Mike when he offered his input to our effort. I find him to be fully versed in the details of the issue, creative in his thinking about how best to proceed, and committed to consensus-building. His experience of over 34 years in real estate analysis, and his role as a professional negotiator, no doubt have something to do with this! 

In addition, Mike has a diverse background in financial administration, including his role as a small business owner for the past 25 years. 

Mike Ruderman is ready to begin the job on his first day, and will bring to this work the experience and the independence required to do what is best for Arlington. He has my full and very enthusiastic support. 

Please vote for Mike Ruderman and Joe Curro on April 7.

This letter was published Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Ruderman role in opposing Mugar touted

The following letter to the editor was submitted by John Belskis, a former Arlington resident and past Precinct 18 Town Meeting member:

There is an outstanding candidate for one of the two positions for selectman in this year's town election -- Michael Ruderman. His education, background and experience added to his many years as a Town Meeting Member make Mike a hands-down choice.

His first-place position on the ballot, while being luck of the draw, is really where he belongs. He is your first and best choice for a selectman.

One of the big issues facing Arlington is the proposed Mugar project in East Arlington.

While many voices have professed opposition to the project, one of the few "hands-on" opposition faces, was Michael Ruderman. I initiated and compiled the data and documentation indicating that the "safe harbor" of having Arlington at 1.5 percent of its land area already occupied with Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) units. That gives the town control over what projects may be approved.

Mike's background expertise provided valuable support to my accumulation of vital data and detailed documentation required to support a denial of 40B proposals that may have adverse effects to Arlington's environment, schools, planning and budgets. Mike's hands-on participation in working with me in documenting our 40B "safe-harbor" figure was invaluable and gratefully received.

My 16 years as a Town Meeting member allowed me to see Mr. Ruderman as a thoughtful and active participant during his tenure representing his precinct. He wasn't there as just a listener; he participated and voiced position. This is the type of free thinking and thoughtful member that Arlington needs on the Board of Selectmen.

Please give the first name on the ballot Michael Ruderman, one of your two votes for Selectman on April 7.

This letter was published Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Meeting-member backing for Ruderman, Curro

The following letter is from Stuart Cleinman, a Precinct 1 Town Meeting member: 

Michael Ruderman is a terrific individual with a solid commitment to Arlington. He was a leader of the Minuteman rebuild and worked to secure funding.

He has served as a Town Meeting member for many years and represents his precinct well. Now he is running for selectman.

I believe he will be a terrific leader and will serve the town well in this capacity. 

Joe Curro has been serving as a selectman and is running for reelection. Mr. Curro is one caring individual who listens to his constituents and is a terrific leader.

We are a better town with Joe Curro on the Board of Selectman.

Please join me in voting for Michael Ruderman and Joe Curro on the town election on April 7. Our great town will be better.

This letter was published Monday, March 12, 2018.

Work on zoning, finances brings Ruderman support

The following letter was submitted by Paul Parise, a Hemlock Street resident:

I am writing to express my strong and enthusiastic support for Michael Ruderman for election to the Board of Selectman in the upcoming town election on April 7. I met Mike during our work on the zoning recodification recently undertaken by the town and accepted at the Special Town Meeting in February. Mike was instrumental in the development of amendments we drafted and which were ultimately accepted at the STM. Mike has demonstrated commitment, energy and ability to build common cause; all factors in developing and passing beneficial legislation.

Mike has served as a Town Meeting member for the past 17 years and in numerous other government and volunteer capacities. These include, among others, treasurer and director of Arlington Community Media inc. (ACMi), historical commission member, Arlington High School Educational Visioning Committee 2018 member and on the Thompson School Rebuild Committee.

Mike's professional expertise in property valuations, real estate analysis and municipal land regulations is particularly suited to the issues facing the town today, especially with regard to the ongoing wave of residential and commercial development; new school development/construction (especially the very fiscally significant new AHS project); and the upcoming town budget crunch.

These critical issues will require careful and measured consideration, especially in respect to the potential long-term effects of today's decisions. I believe Mike's experience, background and leadership can help produce a high-quality and beneficial outcome of these issues for the residents of Arlington.

Last, Mike brings a fresh voice and perspective that benefit everyone in Arlington.

This letter was published Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Ruderman would bring positive change

Christopher Loreti, a former Town Meeting member in Precinct 7 and former member of the Arlington Redevelopment Board provided this letter to the editor:

On April 7, Arlington voters will have only one competitive race to decide among the principal town offices. That office is the Board of Selectmen.

I’ll be voting Michael Ruderman for selectman because I believe he is the candidate best qualified to bring positive change to the town.  I ask you to do the same.

I first met Michael over a decade ago when I joined Town Meeting.  It was immediately clear to me that he was a Town Meeting member who did his homework and carefully considered the matters before him. Only later would I learn of the breadth and depth of his service to the town.

In addition to having served on the Arlington Historical Commission for 10 years, Michael has been actively involved in the rebuilding of Arlington schools and currently serves as a director of Arlington’s community cable-TV station. I believe the range of his volunteer efforts for the town far exceed those of the other selectman candidates.

I’ll also be voting for Michael because I believe he will bring a much-needed voice of independence to the Board of Selectmen. The town is better served by having a diversity of opinion on the board than a group of insiders connected by friends and family. 

I am confident that Michael will best serve all of Arlington — from school children to seniors. And I am certain that among the three selectmen candidates, he is the one best able to balance the ever-present demands for more services with the need for fiscal restraint.

You can learn more about Michael on his webpage: or on Facebook >>

Michael Ruderman will be listed first on the ballot for the April 7 town election.  Please join me in voting for him as your first choice for selectman on that Saturday. 

This letter was published Saturday, March 10, 2018. 

 Ruderman, Curro draw support

Neal Connor, a Town Meeting member from Precinct 9, submitted the following letter to the editor:

I’ll be voting for Michael Ruderman and Joe Curro for selectman on April 7.

Michael is an effective advocate for all of our students, and is committed to transparency, responsiveness and accountability. His experience in Town Meeting, as a civil servant and as a member of the Thompson and Minuteman rebuild committees demonstrate his dedication to the people of Arlington and to long-term thinking, as well as his understanding of "the art of the possible" in town government.

He can hit the ground running on day one of his term. I particularly appreciate Michael's humor and attention to detail. His positions are always well thought out and backed by facts and numbers, and he is genuinely committed to governing well.

Joe Curro is an experienced, steady hand on the tiller of the Board of Selectmen in Arlington, and has been for six years. His work ethic is outstanding, and he is also a man of good humor and good will. Joe is always ready to hear all sides of a conversation and give all respectful consideration and make necessary adjustments for the greater good.

Please join me in casting one of your two votes for Selectman for Michael Ruderman, and the other for Joe Curro.

This letter was published Monday, March 5, 2018. 


Carman backs Curro, Ruderman

The following letter to the editor was submitted by Dean Carman, who is the town treasurer, and is writing as an Arlington resident:

On April 7, I am proud to support and vote for two outstanding candidates for Board of Selectman, Joe Curro and Mike Ruderman.

For me, the two top priorities in Arlington over the next three years are to meet our obligation to fund core services in a fiscally responsible manner, and ensuring the successful rebuild of Arlington High School. I am supporting, and will be casting my votes for Joe and Mike with the belief that they are the two candidates who are best qualified to see us through these priorities.

Joe Curro has served on the board for six years, providing steady and consistent leadership.

During Joe's tenure he's helped to ensure that the board maintains focus on our key priorities.

As a former School Committee member and current Town Meeting member, Joe is able to bring significant local government and policy experience to the board that will be critical over the next three years. He takes the role of selectman seriously and is incredible hard working, but also understands the need for compromise to ensure that the board remains functional and productive.

In my 16 years living in Arlington, this is the most functional and productive board I've seen, in no small part because to Joe’s presence on it. I am confident that if re-elected to the board, Joe Curro will help lead us through the challenges of the next three years in a responsible manner.

Mike Ruderman has served in Town Meeting and various civic committees for almost two decades. I first got to know Mike when he was championing the Minuteman High School rebuild in 2016, as part of the June debt exclusion and fall referendum of the 16 member towns.

I was impressed with Mike’s attention to detail, tireless work ethic and dedication to a school that is important to our children, but where he did not have a vested interest. I've also witnessed Mike’s work at Town Meeting, where he proposes substitute motions, respectfully debates points, and articulates well thought out positions that he believes in, even if they are not always popular.

I firmly believe that Mike will be an asset to the board in maintaining it as a focused and productive body, while respectfully adding a unique perspective that is not always, "going along with the crowd."

This letter was published Monday, Feb. 26, 2018.

Town of Arlington to LGBTQIA+ students: You belong


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