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7 express support for Sawtelle

Patti Brennan Sawtelle, clerk candidate, 2020Sawtelle

Jordan Weinstein, a Precinct 21 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

This year Arlington voters have a chance to truly get their money’s worth when voting for town clerk.

The fact that we elect our clerk is somewhat of an anachronism in the state. It is one of our few elected offices that is not primarily a volunteer job to be done in one’s spare time. You may not realize it, but our town clerk gets paid close to $100,000 annually! Missed that?


It is a full-time job that is very, very demanding and is deserving of such a salary. But I do think Arlington voters should get their money's worth when choosing to fill that position. And that’s why I’m voting for Patti Brenna Sawtelle for clerk.

Patty has a truly jaw-dropping amount of training and experience, all of which she can tap to turn our clerk’s office into a modern, efficient and 21st-century operation. You can see her accomplishments on her website:

But what stands out to me at this particular point in time is her public-health experience. Patti managed Arlington’s vaccination program from 2009 to 2015, including the vaccination of nearly 8,000 residents during the flu pandemic. When a vaccination for Covid-19 becomes available, we are going to need someone with just these skills to manage ours. Patti developed operational floor plans/layouts for large-scale flu clinics, including Town Day, where more than 400 residents were vaccinated.

And she managed and trained hundreds of Medical Reserve Corp volunteers for the effort. Patti also implemented the first electronic medical record software program for the Arlington Youth Counseling Center, and implemented an online payment system for donations and payments for Health and Human Services.

Besides her considerable public-health experience, Patti has managed several of the town’s operating and revolving budgets, developed capital requests for software programs and facilities and construction projects, and developed and lead training programs to enhance employee knowledge of municipal financial tools. She modernized our antiquated revenue collection system for real estate tax and auto excise collections. She streamlined and automated our invoice payable process and implemented software and electronic payment stations in the treasurer’s office. And implemented the very first donation database for the Arlington Food Pantry.

And to top it all off, Patti has an MBA, a B.S. in business admin, a MAPPO procurement certification from the federal Office of Inspector General, and an operational certification from the National Incident Management System. And she is a notary public.

If we are going to pay $100,000 each year for a town clerk, we should be looking for more than just a friendly face and a warm disposition to greet us behind the clerk’s desk, or someone well-connected through years of volunteer work in the town. We need someone with actual, professional experience who has 21st-century skills to bring to the job. What we need is someone who can actually give us $100,000 worth of value.

Patti Brennan Sawtelle is that person.

This letter was published Thursday, June 4, 2020.

Lisa D’Allesandro-deMont of Kenilworth Road submitted this letter.

I am supporting Patti Brennan Sawtelle for town clerk. She is the most qualified candidate to modernize and lead the clerk’s office in a time when we need experienced leadership the most.
Other candidates will talk conceptually about their modernization plans. Ideas are great -- but without experience, they are just words. If we choose a candidate that does not have a strong resume of actual experience, the residents of Arlington will not see the change so desperately needed in the town clerk’s office. Patti is the only candidate with the municipal and professional work experience needed to lead change in the clerk’s office.

Her experience includes digitizing paper records, implementing online-payment solutions, both of which are much-needed advancements the town needs. Additionally, she is the only candidate with municipal finance and corporate operations experience.

After watching the ACMi debate, one of Patti’s comments hit home. If this election were a job interview, Patti stated, “she would be the selected candidate 100 out of 100 times based on municipal, technology, operations, finance and leadership qualifications.” That is the experience and confidence the town needs now.

I know Patti personally, and she is not only knowledgeable, intelligent and hard-working, but also kind, genuine and compassionate.

Please join me in voting for Patti Brennan Sawtelle on June 6. Patti’s name appears on the ballot as Patti J Sawtelle and is listed third on the town clerk section of the ballot. It is also a good plan to mail in your absentee ballot sent this week. Stay safe and be well.

This letter was published Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Mike Malone of Evergreen Lane, a former Precinct 21 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter.

I am supporting Patti Brennan Sawtelle for town clerk on June 6.

Patti’s municipal experience, combined with her leadership and technology skills, make her the right choice for our next town clerk.

Given the current concerns regarding Covid-19, we need someone with operations experience such as Patti’s experience managing the town flu vaccination clinics.

Patti has a clear plan to improve customer service and the operation in the town clerk’s office.

Please join me in voting for Patti Brennan Sawtelle on June 6. Patti’s name appears on the ballot as Patti J Sawtelle. She is the right choice for our next town clerk.

This letter was published Thursday, May 14, 2020.

Mary Ellen Aronow and Joe Burns of Addison Street, Arlington, submitted this letter.

This year we have the privilege to consider three quality candidates for town clerk. All three women have backgrounds working with and within various committees, groups and functions in town. All three candidates are women we know. Yet, one candidate stands out well ahead of the other two as having the most-needed qualities and skills for town clerk.

Arlington needs the Town Clerk's Office in the experienced, skilled and caring hands of Patti Brennan Sawtelle. Always forward-thinking, Patti is who we need to bring 21st-century technology and vision to our clerk's office. Persistent and persuasive, Patti knows how to work with the town systems, and yet, ready to bring new ideas, improved processes, and jump-start much-needed efficiencies to the office. Patti will bring personality, inclusion, efficiency and technology.

We have known Patti since we moved to Arlington 12 years ago, as our sons met in kindergarten at Bishop School. We have known Patti as a parent hosting sleepovers; we’ve known her as a volunteer leading events for our boys' sports teams and school activities; and we’ve known Patti as a friend. Her passion and dedication to making Arlington a great home for her family and a great town for every resident is unmatched in enthusiasm.

Please join us in voting for a town clerk that promises to bring years of municipal procurement and management experience, and 21st-century ideas to the office. Vote for Patti Brennan Sawtelle.

This letter was published Monday, May 11, 2020.

Lori Talanian of Arlington submitted this letter to the editor.

I would like to express my support for Patti Brennan Sawtelle for our next town clerk. I have known Patti both personally and professionally for many years, and I can say without hesitation, this woman knows how to get the job done.

I first met Patti when I was on the board of Arlington Youth Counseling Center, and we faced having to convert AYCC from a town-funded service to a self-sustaining business. Patti took the lead; she researched, implemented and integrated AYCC’s first electronic medical-record software, allowing AYCC to be reimbursed by all insurance providers. Patti’s contribution to the town as project manager not only saved money for the taxpayers, but the processes she has put in place, which most people cannot “see,” will serve Arlington for years to come.

Patti is extremely intelligent, but very approachable. Now more than ever, we need Patti’s technical background to help get all services provided by the town clerk's office automated.

When I‘ve had concerns, Patti has always listened carefully and offered solutions that could be put into place. If you want someone with all the qualifications needed to fill the position of town clerk, who is approachable and listens more than talks, works harder than she claims, praises the efforts of her co-workers instead of taking all the credit herself, Patti Brennan Sawtelle should be your choice for town clerk.

Check out her qualifications for yourself at 

This letter was published Monday, May 11, 2020.

Cindy Sheridan-Curran, an East Arlington resident, submitted this letter.

I am supporting Patti Brennan Sawtelle for town clerk because she is absolutely the most qualified candidate to lead that office through the change that is so necessary right now.

I have known Patti personally and professionally for nearly 10 years. She modernized many business practices and always made the hard work of organizing flu clinics look effortless. In addition to her work qualifications, Patti is consistently supporting and nurturing our community. She has volunteered in many areas in the town, including our schools, youth athletics and other youth -- serving groups, including the Arlington Youth Counseling Center.

Patti brings her technical skills, her organizational skills, and her quick and clear intellect to everything she does for Arlington. Our current situation has made clear that this is the time to put the most capable, qualified candidate in place.

 Please join me in voting for the woman who can walk into this position with proven knowledge and experience and immediately create an accessible and modernized clerk's office. On June 6 Arlington will be well served by voting for Patti J. Sawtelle, listed third on the town clerk section of the ballot.

This letter was published Friday, May 8, 2020.

David Lopes, a Dorchester resident who is a METCO senior and captain of the AHS football team, submitted this letter to the editor.

I would like to see Patti J. Sawtelle elected as town clerk for Arlington on Jun 6. I have known her since I was a 14-year-old playing football with her son. She would drop off her son Patrick, at practice and always be there to pick him up afterward.

At all of our football games, she would always be there on the sidelines cheering and, trust me, everyone could hear.

Then high school football began, and, although her son was a younger player on the team, she took on some roles that a captain's mom would traditionally take on. She was at every Thursday night football dinner making sure all of the players were fed and ready for the big game the next day.

Mrs. Sawtelle bleeds Arlington, and is constantly at work in the high school. On a daily basis, she is ensuring that the town is running smoothly.

I miss seeing her in the halls at Arlington High School. She never failed to give me a smile or ask me how my day was. She truly cares for the people of Arlington.

This letter was published Thursday, May 7, 2020.

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