Clarissa Rowe, a former member of the Select Board, submitted this letter.

Diane Mahon, 2020Mahon

Lenard Diggins, Select Board candidate, 2020Diggins

The major purpose of this letter is to ask you to take a good hard look at my friend, Len Diggins, as one of your two votes for the Select Board, as I already have. 

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Diane Mahon, is my other vote. We need her experience and knowledge to get us through this crisis. Her energy and dedication to getting out information about the effect of the virus, the town’s response and the many town services available have been key to our community. I urge you to vote for her.

Now to Len. I got to know Len Diggins when I was a pitch hitter on the Select Board. He would often hang around after the meetings to talk about the issues with me and the other members. Len has been a volunteer for ACMi for years and has been filming the Select Board meetings. His knowledge of the issues, big and small, that the Select Board handles makes him an excellent candidate for the seat. Community is obviously his passion.

I am now going to quote my friend, Elaine Shea talking about Len, “ … I am impressed by his kindness and his character. He is a great listener, more interested in wanting to know your concerns, rather than promoting his ….” I agree with Elaine.

He has been a Town Meeting member so already knows his way around town government. Len is a transportation expert. Len has worked on three volunteer transportation committees all over town, and has helped organize our precinct meetings in East Arlington.

Len is also a scientist. His research and problem solving skills would be an asset to the board during the pandemic. Please vote for Len Diggins of East Arlington as one of your two votes.

Please remember that you will get a postcard this week to ask for an absentee ballot, and if not, this option, please remember to vote on June 6.

This letter was published Monday, May 18, 2020.