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3 former clerks endorse Weber among 6

Ann M. Powers of Mountain Avenue submitted this letter. She was the town clerk from 1959 and 1973 as well as 1984 to 1994. She served on what was then known as the Board of Selectmen from 1973 to 1984.

Janice Weber, clerk candidate, 2020Weber

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Janice Weber for town clerk. I have known Janice for many years, including all of the 23 years that she has dedicated herself to working for the town and people of Arlington – 14 years as the assistant registrar and the last nine as assistance town clerk.

Janice has impressively met the demands of the clerk’s office, a position I fully understand and appreciate, having proudly served multiple terms in different decades. Janice knows and thoroughly enjoys her job and brings that enjoyment to her “customers” each time they come through the door.

She is dedicated to training her staff in new and updated methods and bring modernization to the office as any clerk must endeavor to do. I have been to the office to speak with Janice on occasion and to visit the “old stomping grounds” and see how much things have changed for the better since I worked there. She excels in her ability to collaborate with all departments of the town, something she will continue to do to help the office progress even more in the coming years.

Planning for and holding an election is an enormous, all hands-on deck task job. Janice is organized and an extremely hard worker and is able to create that team-player mentality within the office. I know personally that her dedication to her job has not wavered during this health crisis and she has been working as hard as ever to plan and execute the needs of the town and the upcoming election.

Janice has a proven and well-known record of commitment to the Town of Arlington and the clerk’s office in particular. I hope the people of Arlington realize how fortunate they are to have someone of Janice’s caliber running for clerk. If you want to see honest, hard-working people in government, join me in supporting Janice Weber for town clerk.

This letter was published Friday, May 29, 2020.

Corinne Rainville of Summer Street, the town clerk from 1994 to 2011, submitted this letter.

Janice Weber started working in our office as a volunteer, and we soon realized what a great worker she proved to be. When the job in the registrar’s office became available, we only considered her as she was qualified from the start.

Janice worked diligently and, after the retirement of June Walsh, managed the entire registrar’s office on her own.

Once again, she has demonstrated her perseverance by working tirelessly into the night to get this election on track. She has been at the Town Hall five to seven days a week, including holidays.

She is the only candidate who will be ready on day one. Janice is prepared for the task of continuing to upgrade the office as she has been doing for the last 11 years as the assistant town clerk. She knows there is always improvement needed.

The next two elections this year need a qualified, experienced person as Janice will be as town clerk.

Please give your vote to Janice Weber for town clerk.

Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated.

This letter was published Friday, May 29, 2020.

Stephanie Lucarelli of Laurel Street, town clerk from 2011 to 2020, submitted this letter.

It was a privilege to have Janice Weber as my assistant during my years as town clerk.

Janice has the detailed knowledge of how to run the office. She has the experience of leading and supervising the other employees, and I know things will run smoothly and productively with her in charge. Her accomplishments in helping create a new voting by mail system in the last two months speak for themselves.

You chose me as town clerk nine years ago, and I am forever grateful for that confidence. I have the very same confidence in Janice Weber, and I ask you to vote for her now as town clerk.

This letter was published Friday, May 29, 2020.

Michael Ruderman, a Precinct 9 Town Meeting member and candidate for reelection, submitted this letter.

I'm voting for Janice Weber for town clerk.

She is a public servant. She carries out the the duties of the clerk admirably because she knows them backwards and forwards. Twenty-three years of actual, professional job experience will do that, like nothing else will.

She knows running elections, campaign-finance reporting, how to register your committee and meet all your state requirements. She answers every anxious, clueless, first-time candidate's questions -- and I probably set a record -- with a friendly face and a warm disposition, and spot-on information. Commingling campaigns' funds, misattributing campaign literature; she can save you from a host of mistakes.

She has been a tireless advocate for modernizing her office's operations, even when, year after year, the money for upgrades and expanded training has gone to other town departments.

Janice emphasizes a forward-thinking approach to her work. Remember, there was no handbook for converting our elections to vote-by-mail. No manual for getting the news and the request forms out to all 32,000 voters, and thousands and thousand of absentee ballots in response. Certainly not in the midst of a pandemic, when Janice has often been the only person in her office, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Through it all, Janice remains a dedicated volunteer who has given hundreds of hours to PTOs, the Boys & Girls Club, and to her church. It doesn't get headlines, but that's not why she does it.

We see her disposition in the way she manages her staff, too, unionized or professional. Our three past town clerks have all endorsed Janice, for her knowledge and experience and accomplishments, and for being the kind of person you want to work for.

Are we getting our money's worth with Janice Weber? I'd say. In fact, she deserves a promotion. Please join me in voting for Janice Weber for town clerk.

This letter was published Thursday, June 4, 2020.

Sandy Buck Forest Street submitted this letter.

Janice Weber is the outstanding choice for Arlington town clerk because of her past nine years' experience as your assistant town clerk in Arlington.

During this coronavirus pandemic, it has been hectic getting postcards out to all registered voters and absentee ballots requested back to voters, but under these extraordinary circumstances, this is being handled magnificently. Previously, Janice worked 14 years as assistant registrar of voters, so 23 years working for our Town of Arlington so far.

Janice is proceeding to get the town clerk’s office updated with technology. She has superb leadership and management skills. She is knowledgeable of the job to be done. She is friendly, kind, and she is competent to run the clerk’s office well without training from day 1.

Please vote for Janice Weber for town clerk now or on Saturday, June 6.

This letter was published Friday, May 29, 2020. 

Sheri A. Baron of Raleigh Street submitted this letter.

Many of you have already received your postcard to request an absentee ballot. Some of you will be voting at your precinct. I’m very hopeful that this will create a huge turnout in this year’s election for town offices. 

When you vote, I hope you will join me in giving your support to Janice Weber for Town Clerk. I have known Janice for more than 20 years. She is an intelligent, competent, caring person who, in her current position as assistant town clerk, works hard every day to make town services clearly understandable and easy to access for everyone.

Janice has 23 years’ experience working with the town clerk's office, the past nine as assistant clerk.

No one knows how people interact with our town offices and what people need more than Janice. She has regularly interacted with everyone in Town Hall and other satellite offices throughout the town for more than 20 years. She is held in high regard by all those who have worked with her and known her. She has been a town meeting member for more than 15 years. She knows our town’s needs better than most people.

I’ve been reading so many election endorsements for other candidates that stress the paramount importance of experience for our elected officials, especially during these uncertain times. Now, as we face challenges we never expected, is the time to elect a person who knows exactly what the job entails, how to handle every situation, and do it with the utmost professionalism and care. I think it will be a serious disadvantage to elect someone who will need months on a learning curve to “hit the ground running.” The office must be nimble and the clerk and staff, knowledgeable. It and needs the continuity and experience that only one candidate possesses.

The clerk's office has been the single office in town that has consistently responded to the needs of its "customers" with detailed and clear information about all matters within its purview. People new to our town and to local governmental policies get precise and accurate guidance in a friendly, warm manner. Human qualities of genuine concern and the desire to help everyone are critically important. Those who come to that office, new to Arlington and possibly unaware of our way of conducting business for personal matters often need assurance and step-by-step assistance. Janice and the staff provide customer service in the truest sense of the phrase.

Online, remote transactions are a valuable tool. Many people, though, need face-to-face interactions with a person who immediately knows the answers or, most importantly, knows where to get them expeditiously.

I can think of no other person more qualified for the position of town clerk than Janice Weber. Please remember to vote, by mail or at the polls June 6.

This letter was published Saturday, May 23, 2020.


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