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Vacant -- but waiting to be occupied with your ideas

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You own a business, and you like Arlington's advantages, where might you hang your shingle?

Here are some locations based on a 2 1/2-hour trip from one end of town to the other. This is not a definitive list of available business properties in town. It is based on what the eye can see and what some public records tell.

Perhaps among the 16 locations observed, you can find space for your product or idea. Perhaps you may find a way to work with others -- and make the space co-working.

The following locations were deemed vacant based on signs in a window or general appearance. Phones or websites are reported in case you want to inquire about a

property. Much of the property information is according to the town assessors' database here >>


Points to consider when viewing available properties

Ted Fields, the town's economic-development planner, offered this advice about YourArlington's vacancy list: "A crucial distinction is whether you are looking for the number of commercial parcels in Arlington or the number of business spaces in town.

"Many commercial parcels in Arlington, particularly on Mass. Ave. and Broadway, house multiple storefronts or spaces where distinct individual businesses can operate. An example of this is the Arlington Village Shops at 1398 and 1406 Mass. Ave. in Arlington Heights, which consists of two distinct commercial parcels that contain seven separate storefronts.

"Arlington's 2013 Annual Report lists a total of 484 business-related parcels in Arlington for Fiscal 2014 (386 'commercial,' 22 'industrial' and 76 'mixed use') based on assessors data.

"The Planning & Community Development Department estimates that on average, each commercial parcel contains 2-plus storefronts/spaces for distinct businesses. This estimate is supported by data from the Commonwealth's Executive Office for Labor and Workforce Development, which lists 1,038 business establishments in Arlington for 2012.

"Given this background, your figure of 16 'vacant' spaces equals 3.3% of commercial parcels, but less than 2% of the commercial spaces in town. This rate is consistent with CoStar data for Arlington's commercial property market. Please note that not all 'vacant' spaces may be available for lease/sale. Some may also be transitioning from being vacant to being occupied."

YourArlington's publisher looked for himself for the number of available business properties after asking Fields in July for a list of properties that could be co-working spaces.

Fields wrote July 15: "Entrepreneurs are looking at a variety of commercial properties in Arlington for use as collaborative workspaces, ranging from industrial buildings with many thousands of square feet of available space to smaller retail or office spaces with less than a couple of thousand square feet of vacant space. Some businesses are beginning to think about incorporating collaborative work areas into unused or underutilized space in their existing buildings."

East Arlington

Stores for rent: 85 and 91 Warren St., near Beacon (617-547-7031, which is DPH Realty, Arlington); 91 is larger and was previously the location of an auction business.

Owner: Charles Poulos Trust, Arlington

Sold to current owner in 1982. 2014 building value $314,400; land value $153,400. Built about 1924.

The former Broadway Diner, closed in October 2013, at 117 Broadway, Broadway and Everett Street (805-744-7933, which is Arlington Realty); described as a "prime corner location."

Owner: Richard Sacco Trust, Arlington (Sacco owns the Regent Theatre)

Sold to current owner in 1983. 2014 building value $140,800; land value $515,700. Built about 1952.

Arlington Automatic Transmission, 111 Broadway, next door to diner, long closed. A broken window has an Arlington Alarm decal. There is no sign for sale or lease.

Owner: Lyons Fuel, Arlington

Sold to current owmer: 1991. 2014 building value $180,800; land area $514,500. Built about 1964.

Foreign Body Works, at 26 Mass. Ave., across from Menotomy Grill & Tavern, has a sign saying, "We are moving around the corner," to 7 Boulevard Road (for lease, 617-661-1320, number of Cambridge Auto Center, Inman Square, Cambridge)

Further information unavailable.

Arlington Center

Store for rent, 450 Mass. Ave., former location of Scugnizzi, reported in August 2013 "abandoned" by owner, between TL Nails and Ronald Reisz (617-547-7031, which is DPH Realty, 1955 Mass. Ave.). Before Scugnizzi, it was Buona Vita.

Owner of 448-452 Mass. Ave.: Charles Poulos Trust, Arlington

Sold to current owner in 1983. 2014 building value $433,700; land value $582,100. Built about 1909.

460 Mass. Ave., formerly location of United Shoe Repair, between Heads Up Salon, at 458 Mass. Ave. and Tango, 464 Mass. Ave.

Sign: for rent: 617-547-7031, which is DPH Realty, 1955 Mass. Ave.

Further information unavailable.

325 Broadway, Broadway Plaza, retail space available (617-330-0800, number for US Bankruptcy Court, Boston) with sign for Dahn Holistic Fitness in the window. See also Colliers Meredith & Grew.

Owner of 323-329 Broadway: George Mazmanian Trust, at al., Boynton Beach, Fla.

Sold to current owner in 1984. 2014 building value $714,200; land area $442,900. Built about 1930.

Arlington Lithograph at 6 Schouler Court, a longtime Arlington print business that closed last December (prime space available, 617-997-1537, which is Mike Faiola, commercial real estate)

Owner: Louis R. Faiola Trust, Arlington

Sold to current owner in 1965. 2014 building value $218,300; land area $475,400. Built about 1940.

887 Mass. Ave. property, long-closed former gas station, between Litho and Mystic Wine, 901 Mass. Ave.

Owners: W. Howarek Grize, B. Smith, P. Phillipes and R. Picariello. Quincy.

Sold to current owner in 1999. 2014 building value $56,100, land value $457,500. Built about 1900.

Arlington Heights

1179 Mass. Ave., used as a political headquarters, most recently for Katherine Clark. Between Great Wok and Brite White (for lease or rent: 617-402-9300, unknown number, Brokering Reality, unknown name).

Owner of 1177-1181 Mass. Ave.: Peter J. Abidian Trustee, Belmont.

Sold to current owner in 2010. 2014 building value $203,500; land value $445,900. Built about 1922.

1205 Mass. Ave., next to town-owned Disable American Veterans club (781-729-3349, Spoondrift Realty Trust, Winchester).

Owner: Charles J. Viglas, Jean Viglas Trust Winchester.

Sold to current owner in 2012. 2014 building value $397,800; land Value $169,900. Built about 1940.

1215 Mass. Ave., Nicola Pizza, closed in summer 2013.

Owner: Nirmala & Nirmala, Arlington.

Sold to current owner in 2013. 2014 building value $223,700; land value $307,200.

Sign on also 1215B only (Rent: 781-454-6468, unknown number)

50 Lowell St., a cavernous building on 1.5 acres, occupied apparently only on the second floor by Eliot Community Human Services, North Bennett Street, YAVP peer mentoring project (lease, commercial: Bowes, Steve McKenna at 781-648-3500)

Owner: 30 Park Ave. Associates LLC, Arlington.

Sold to current owner in 2005. 2014 building value $594,400; land value $509,300. Built about 1967.

1310 Mass. Ave. The sign says "Mike's Barber Stylist," but there is no sign of Mike or a sign in the window telling whom to call.

Owner: Nishan Atinizian, Kevork Trust, Cambridge.

Sold to current owner in 2006. 2014 building value $1,459,300; land value $609,900. Built about 1970.

1398 Mass. Ave., Bierbrier, Village Shops, next to Bagelville (781-863-1800, ext. 12, 2,406 square feet available.

Owner: 1398 Massachusetts Avenue LLC, Lexington, c/0 Bierbrier Development.

Sold to current owner in 1997 (this is the entire block). 2014 building value, $2,006,400; land value $950,400. Built about 1998.

Other properties to consider

1165 and 1167 Mass. Ave., behind Mirak, is clearly occupied. It includes many businesses, including Spy Pond Partners and Glance Networks, but appears to have room for more.

Owner: Yukon Realty LLC, Arlington.

Sold to current owner in 2003. 2014 building value $507,700; land value $631,700. Built about 1996.

A second entry for these addresses lists the owner as Arlington Center Garage & Service Corp., Arlington.

Sold to current owner in 1989 for $800,000 by Francesco Massimilla. 2014 building value $837,000, extra-features value $37,000, 2.2-acre land value $1,440,400 for a total value of $2,314,400. Built about 1885.

1122 Mass. Ave. may or may not be occupied. Trash was out front awaiting pickup on Aug. 14; the back door was open, but no one was there.

Zillow says the home has four beds, six baths and 3,444 square feet. says it sold for $535,000 on Sep 8, 2004, by Richard Sacco.

The town assessors' database lists the owner as James F. Doherty, recently a candidate for the town's head assessing position.

2014 building value $385,100; land value $181,400.

This story was published Friday, Aug. 22, 2014.

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