Arlington High teacher leads, then loses on 'Jeopardy!'

jbourassa 80 122017

UPDATED: With a slim lead right up to the final round, Arlington High English teacher Justin Bourassa lost in the end at  "Jeopardy!"" on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

The question about which country's last three queens abdicated in favor of their children -- the Netherlands -- stumped all but the winner, Kate O'Connor of Florence, N.J. She sells insurance and was the the returning champ who had won $40,000 befiore Dec. 20. The other contestant was Remy Timbrook of Oakland, Calif., a children's librarian.

Bourassa said his wife, Caitie Peterson, told him nearly two years ago that the show's online test was available. Its 50 questions, from varied categories, gives you 15 seconds to answer each.

In September 2016, he learned he had passed the test and was asked to audition, which he did in New York in October. Following that, he entered a contestant pool. Any time over the next 18 months, he could be called in to be on the show.

The early last August, Bourassa was hiking when a producer asked if he could be in Los Angeles on Sept. 5 and 6, the first two days of school. No matter; he went.

The Ponder Page, Arlington High's Online Newspaper, reported the background >> 

The Medford resident also coaches boys' cross-country as well as indoor and outdoor track and field. 

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017.