February Citizens of the Month at AHS: 3 lifesavers

Principal Matt JangerJanger

The Student Council is proud to present a special edition of the Citizen of the Month award to Patrick Gallagher, Alan Lee and Alex Hewes.

Several weeks ago, these boys were outside Arlington High School and found a man lying unconscious in front of the school. Patrick, using his skills learned in his AHS gym class, administered CPR to the man, while Alan dialed 911. Alex later arrived on the scene and assisted the other two. By using what they were taught in their physical education classes, the boys were able to save this man's life.

Thank you Patrick, Alan and Alex for being exemplary members of our school and town community. We commend you for your bravery to step forward and help a person of the community in need.

As February comes to an end, we will now begin accepting nominations for our March Citizen of the Month. Please take the few minutes to nominate AHS Students who:

-- Exhibit genuine care for the school as a community;

-- Take pride in and show enthusiasm for what they do;

-- Demonstrate kindness toward their peers; and

-- Spread positivity and extinguish negativity.

You can submit your nominations through the google form, or in the drop box in the media center. Google form >>

-Julia Alesse
Student Council Citizen-of-the-Month Committee

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018.