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Sitework for construction of new AHS: Through week of Nov. 29

Saturday work continues

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UPDATED Nov. 24: Preliminary sitework for rebuilding Arlington High School began in late February 2020, and, late that year, residents saw steel rising for one one wing. That work, Phase 1, is finished. Phase 2 continues.

Construction work hours are expected to be Monday through Friday. Saturday work returned Nov. 7, 2020, and is required for the foreseeable future in 2021. 

See the new school taking shape by reading the update and viewing the photos through the week of Nov. 22 >>

Mass. Ave. entrance and circular drive closed; district offices are accessible by the Fusco Building entrance through Schouler Court, except when access there is restricted.

To maintain the safety and health for workers and the community, the project will follow state advisories related to Covid-19, which are subject to change. The town is monitoring progress. 

Read the letter sent to abutting neighbors in 2020 >>

Read the update in the project's official website >>
Learn more about the Parmenter project >>
 Geothermal wells scrapped

At the March 26, 2020, School Committee meeting, members learned that the discovery of contamination led to scrapping of geothermal wells, the planned source of electricity for the rebuilt school.

Further discussion about geothetrmal wells >> 

A public forum to discuss site work to rebuild Arlington High School was held Feb. 4 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Lowe Auditorium, and an estimated 70 people attended, a number with questions about rats and parking.

At the Feb. 13, 2020, School Committee meeting, Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said work would start in March that year.

Students, neighbors and visitors will start to see and hear activity on the school grounds. Join the AHS Building Committee and project partners to learn what to expect in the first three to six months of work.

This forum was of interest to parents of children in grades eight through 12 as well as neighbors in the surrounding area. Topics covered included:

  • Site work, fencing, construction and phasing plans;
  • Field closures and changes to the existing site;
  • Access changes for pedestrians/bikes/cars, parking;
  • Noise and dust control mitigation; and
  • Questions and answers
Project timeline at a glance

The project is currently in the design-development phase (summer 2019 - summer 2020) when all aspects of the design for the new school will be made final. With site work starting after February vacation, building construction will begin in October.

The first wing of the new building is expected to be open to students in January 2022, and the school fully constructed in 2024 (followed by one year of additional site work).

To receive frequent construction updates, sign up for the new AHS construction updates here >> 

Note: Construction updates are not the same as project eBulletins, which will continue to provide general project information on a bimonthly basis.

For more information, visit

Dec. 20, 2019: $24.7M in cuts bring budget for rebuilt AHS into line

Dec. 14, 2019: About $5M cut from cost gap for new AHS design
Nov. 22, 2019: Estimate for new AHS design shows $29.5M gap
June 14, 2019: A special election: AHS rebuild, override OK'd with strong support 
Feb. 20, 2019: AHS rebuild committee sends schematic design to state agency
Feb. 6, 2019: Official vote backs cost of rebuilt AHS at $291.4M 

This news announcement was published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, and updated Nov. 24, 2021.



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