Aftermath of alcohol party affects 13 student-athletes

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The impact of police action Oct. 19 at 48 Chatham St., the home of a former selectman and her family, has hit the Arlington High School sports program: Four student athletes cannot participate in their next scheduled events, and nine others cannot participate in events next spring.

Robert DiLoreto, dean of students at Fusco House and interim athletics director, says the immediate effect falls on one boys' soccer player, one football player and two members of crew.

No one has been suspended, because the event was not school-sponsored, he wrote in an email Thursday, Oct. 25.

On a rainy Friday after an AHS football game had been postponed, police found 33 people under 21 involved in a party that included loud music and alcohol at the home of Annie LaCourt and Mark Burstein. They face a Nov. 7 magistrate's hearing on criminal charges.

Police said that of the 33, 21 were found to have consumed alcohol in varying concentrations. They also said that LaCourt and Burstein were home at the time.

Police said that those underage and found to have consumed alcohol will face criminal charges or be offered participation in the Juvenile Diversion Program, which allows children with no prior criminal record, who commit a minor offense, an opportunity to be diverted from the court system.

DiLoreto said the student athletes affected "were found to be in violation of the MIAA rule 62 chemical health rule." Read about that rule here >>

The consequence for first violation for rule 62, he said, is "the student shall lose eligibility for the next consecutive interscholastic contests (regular season and tournament) totaling 25% of all interscholastic contests in that sport."
Besides the four in fall sports, nine winter or spring student-athletes also violated rule 62, he said. "Those student-athletes will serve their consequence during their next season of play," he wrote.

Mary Villano, the Arlington High School principal, and DiLoreto were asked whether students were suspended.

DiLoreto responded: "Because this was not a school-sponsored event, so no school consequences were given to any of the students involved."
A police report has been requested. Capt. Richard Flynn said it would be released to the public once police are ready to do so.

La Court has not responded to a request for comment or a second request to identify her attorney.

YourArlington does not report the names of those under the age of 18.

This story was first reported Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012.